5 Important Propane Safety Tips for Homeowners

Propane gas is one of the most reliable, versatile, and affordable ways of heating your home. Propane is clean burning, highly efficient, and 88 percent of the U.S. supply is produced domestically. Propane tanks can be installed practically anywhere and most installations of propane tanks are free.

Here at Woodruff Energy, our heating installation experts in Gloucester County, NJ, want all of our clients to be aware of not only the benefits of propane but the dangers as well. Continue reading to understand how to properly maintain your propane heating system and keep your family safe.

Do Not Run Out of Gas: Running out of propane gas can cause additional stress and harm to your appliances. Re-lighting appliances and your heating system can cause parts to fail prematurely. If you call for propane please check your tank and call when the gauge is at 30%. This will allow us plenty of time to deliver propane to insure no interruption of service.

Inspect for Leaks: Propane gas leaks can cause a flammable, explosive accident. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, please call us at 856-455-1111 and one of our qualified and trained service technicians will respond. Additionally, turn the tank off and then call us or 911.

Be Mindful: Always be aware of a certain smell when using propane gas. Propane gas has a very distinct odor of rotten eggs, so if you smell propane, it’s best to act fast to minimize any risk of danger. Otherwise, you may put yourself and others at risk. Turn off the valve on your propane tank by turning it to the right. Call Woodruff Energy at 856-455-1111.

Say No to DIY: Homeowners, friends or non-qualified people should never attempt to modify, repair, or replace an appliance connector, control, regulator, or valve on their own. This increases the risk of causing a gas leak which is extremely dangerous. Let Woodruff Energy’s trained and qualified personnel perform any additions or replacements of appliances.

Woodruff Energy Wants to Keep Homeowners Safe!

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