Get Your Cooling System Ready BEFORE the Heat!

Get Your Cooling System Ready BEFORE the Heat!

Expert HVAC Maintenance & A/C Service Plans

central air service new jerseyRemember what Ferris Bueller said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Spring can be like that too. We’re all relieved that freezing temperatures and sudden snowfall are in the past, but before you know it, we’ll be facing summer heat. It’s worth asking, is your air conditioning ready for the months ahead?

If your HVAC equipment struggled the last couple of New Jersey summers, Woodruff Energy can help. Here are some warning signs to look out for and ways we can help you get you’re A/C ready for hot weather.

Is Your A/C Ready for Summer?

If you’ve skipped A/C service maintenance – especially if you have an older system – you might soon notice some indicators of HVAC problems in the muggy days ahead. These include:

  1. Weak or warm airflow from your vents
  2. Multiple cycles to cool your home
  3. Grinding, scraping or squealing sounds from your equipment
  4. Burnt or musty smells
  5. Fluid leaks
  6. Humidity in your home
  7. Higher energy bills when you haven’t increased system usage and electricity rates haven’t gone up

These warning signs could indicate that your system needs repair, general maintenance or both.

Sometimes, it might mean that your equipment must be replaced altogether.

Either way, the highly-trained and experienced technicians at Woodruff can help!

How Too Make You’re Home Cooling More Efficient

Like your heating system, your air conditioning needs to be serviced annually. Among other practical reasons, yearly maintenance is generally a requirement of all manufacturer’s warranties.

But bringing in a skilled HVAC professional to service your cooling equipment pays dividends with lowered energy bills. The U.S. Department of Energy advises that neglecting regular maintenance guarantees declining performance and increasing energy use.

That’s bad for the environment and terrible for your home budget. Getting a tune-up before each summer is the solution.

How To Ensure Your A/C Is Always at Peak Efficiency

The best way to ensure that your cooling system gets regular, comprehensive maintenance is by covering it with a Woodruff Central Air Conditioning Comfort Plan.

Each A/C service plan comes with an annual air conditioning maintenance and tune-up. Our expert techs inspect, clean and calibrate your equipment to ensure it functions at peak performance when summer is at its most sweltering. If your system needs a repair, having a service plan means you will get a discount on many replacement parts and won’t pay a dime for others!

And Woodruff offers multiple tiers of coverage. You can choose the best service plan for your home and budget.

Don’t delay if you suspect your A/C system is in sub-optimal condition. Contact Woodruff today for maintenance and peace of mind.