How a Dirty Air Filter Affect Your Central Air Conditioner

May 24th, 2024



A properly working air conditioning system is vital to enjoying another hot and humid New Jersey Summer. An overlooked but important part of your cooling equipment is the air filter. Air filters improve your home’s air quality by catching dust, germs, and allergens before they can circulate through your HVAC system. But if you don’t routinely check and replace your filters, they can reduce efficiency, air quality, and comfort.


Other issues caused by a dirty air filter include:

  • Decreased comfort
  • Short cycling
  • Frozen AC
  • Reduced air flow


Can a dirty air filter prevent my AC from working?

Potentially, yes. While there are a variety issues that could cause problems with your air conditioning system, a dirty air filter should always be the first thing to check if your central air conditioning unit isn’t working as properly as it should.


Can you run your AC without a filter?

You should never run your central air conditioner without a filter! Dirt is a leading cause of the breakdown of air conditioning equipment, and running your equipment without a filter will directly expose it to dirt and other contaminants.


How do you reset an AC after replacing a clogged filter?

  • Air conditioners with a reset button: Locate the reset button and hold it for 3 seconds to reset the system. If you cannot find the button, refer to the air conditioning manual and unplug the unit for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Air conditioners without a reset button: If your air conditioner does not have a reset button, you should consult your user manual or call Woodruff Energy to have one of our technicians safely assist you.


Clean air filters make a world of difference for your home comfort and energy efficiency. If you require assistance locating or changing your air filters, contact Woodruff Energy for fully comprehensive cooling solutions.