Heating Oil Inspection Checklist

Home Heating Oil Tank Owner Inspection Checklist

Spilled heating oil can pollute your drinking water and the air in your home. Keep your family safe. Check your home heating oil tank to prevent leaks.

Is your tank in danger of leaking? Answer these questions to find out.

But, please look- don’t touch. A rusty or oily patch on the tank could indicate a leak or weak spot.

Remember to review your homeowner’s policy to ensure coverage is provided if your tank leak.


  1. Are the tank legs unstable or on an improper foundation?

(Outside verticle tanks must stand on a one piece reinforced concrete pad. Outside horizontal tanks must stand on a one piece, reinforced concrete pad or on solid concrete blocks.)

___Yes ___No


  1. Do you see rust, weeps, wet spots, or excessive dents on the tanks surface?

___Yes ___No

  1. Are there any drips or signs of leakage around the filters, valve, or other fittings?

___Yes ___No

  1. Does the oil exit through a fitting from the side of the tank rather than from the tank bottom? A bottom oil outlet minimizes trapped water and reduces rust inside your tank.

___Yes ___No

  1. Can snow or ice fall on the tank or filter? A filter protector can help avoid this threat.

___Yes ____No

  1. Could the tanks vent be clogged or blocked? Check for ice and snow. Screened vents help prevent inspects from building nests.

____Yes ____No

  1. Is the overfill whistle blocked or silent when the tank is being filled? It should whistle. If you’re not sure, ask your oil delivery driver.

____Yes _____No

  1. Are there any signs of spills around the fill pipe?

____Yes ____No

  1. Is the tank’s gauge cracked, stuck, or frozen? Do you see oil or staining around it?

____Yes ____No

  1. Is your tank more than 25 years old? It’s time to consider replacing your tank to help avoid costly and dangerous tank failures.

____Yes ____No


If you have an interior oil tank removed, don’t forget to remove or permanently seal off any remaining exterior fill ports!


*Contact your Woodruff Energy for further inspection of the home heating tank if you answered YES to any of these questions above!


Courtesy of the Cumberland County Department of Health


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