Heating Maintenance: An Important Reminder

Heating Maintenance: An Important Reminder

furnace tune up new jerseyBelieve it or not, we’re entering the home stretch of winter 2020/21 – and if you haven’t gotten maintenance for your furnace yet this year, it could be tempting to skip it altogether.  After all, your heating equipment has worked fine all year, hasn’t it?

The problem with thinking that way is that it doesn’t take into account one key thing: the fact that catching minor heating problems early could save you hundreds of dollars in heating repairs down the road.

Maintaining your HVAC equipment has other benefits, too. For one thing, it will lower your heating bills for the rest of the season (with temperatures in the 50s well into May, you’re going to need your heating system for a while longer). It will also help to improve air quality in your home: when combined with regular air filter swap-outs, a properly serviced forced air system will keep air flowing and humidity in check, which reduces the likelihood of problems with indoor air pollutants ranging from pet dander to mold and other allergens.

The bottom line: Your heating equipment works hard to keep your family comfortable; the cost of that hard work is wear and tear –perhaps not enough to notice right away, but often enough to start your equipment down the path to long-term problems. During a routine maintenance visit, our expert technicians thoroughly examine your equipment to root out problems and make sure it’s ready for the strain of day-to-day use.

Remember: your furnace is an investment that needs protection. Routine maintenance is a must – schedule yours today!

Want to keep things simple? Why not schedule heating and cooling maintenance in one easy visit from our expert technicians? That way your furnace and A/C will be in top shape for the coming months – one less thing to worry about. Contact us today to schedule your socially-distant HVAC maintenance in NJ from the pros at Woodruff Energy!