Terms & Conditions

  1. It is understood that the fuel for the oil burner covered by this agreement will be purchased from Woodruff Energy at prevailing market price. The agreement will automatically become void if fuel purchases are discontinued. This also applies to the TankSureĀ® and ProGuard Programs.
  2. Parts normally will be replaced or repaired promptly as needed, however, the company cannot guarantee to replace unobtainable or obsolete parts. Substitutions for same, if feasible, will be billed at factory list prices.
  3. This contract does not cover the cost of labor or materials when required for: (A) Damages caused by flooded basements and crawl spaces, storm, fire, electrical failure or other abnormal external occurrences; (B) Switches turned off or thermostat incorrectly set.
  4. Services will be performed as soon as feasible under normal conditions. However, the company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to supply any service or material when such delay or failure is due to conditions beyond company’s control. In no event shall the company be liable for any consequential damages or injury.
  5. Unnecessary calls, such as a the failure of the customer to maintain proper water level in the heating system, failure to maintain a sufficient supply of fuel oil (when due to neglect of customer), improper setting of controls or shutting off oil burner switch by customer, misuse or abuse of the oil burner or controls by the customer, and/or servicing by other companies, will be charged for at Woodruff’s prevailing service rate at the time.
  6. The company reserves the right to decline or modify any agreement if prior inspection should reveal that the heating unit is in such condition that the services offered under the agreement would be unsatisfactory to either or both parties, or if the equipment is in immediate need of repair, in which case refund of any advance payment will be made.
  7. Steam Systems: The low water cut-off should be flushed regularly by the owner to prevent sediment from interfering with its operation. While the company will render service on this device on a time and material basis, no responsibility will be assumed for the failure of this control, or condition of system water.
  8. Plans are due and payable when invoiced. Failure to pay within 30 days may result in cancellation of the contract at the company’s option.
  9. Prices quoted refer to domestic type heating equipment only.
  10. A Service Response Fee ($50.00) will be billable to customer under the following conditions: 1. Not cancelling services in a timely manner; 2. Flooded basement or crawl spaces; 3. Locked doors; 4. Equipment not accessible (working space); or 5. Unsanitary or dangerous conditions. (Example: If Woodruff Energy responds to a service call and any of the above apply, a $50.00 Service Response Fee will be charged.”
  11. It is understood that the heating oil tank and all associated equipment and transmission lines are the property of the home owner. Therefore, Woodruff Energy is not responsible for the equipment or the maintenance of the equipment. As such, any resulting oil spills from leaks or the malfunction of equipment are the responsibility of the tank owner/home owner.

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