How To Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

With our automatic propane delivery, you’ll never run out.

propane supplier new jersey When you use propane in your home, you enjoy one of the most versatile, reliable and efficient household fuels. Propane powers heating equipment and water heaters, stoves and clothes dryers, and a range of fantastic home amenities, including:

  • fireplace inserts
  • outdoor kitchens and grills
  • firepits
  • pool heaters
  • standby generators
  • and much more!

While it’s excellent news that you can power so many products from your home’s propane tank, this also means that running out of propane can make your whole household grind to a halt.

Unfortunately, we can simply refill a propane tank after a total runout. Getting your gas system online is a terrible inconvenience for everyone. Before we can fill your tank and relight your equipment, a propane technician will need to perform leak and pressure tests.

Here’s a rundown of how you can determine how much propane you have left and how Woodruff Energy can help you prevent fuel runouts in the future.

Checking your propane tank gauge

On top of your home’s stationary propane tank is a dome hood. When you lift this dome, you should find your tank gauge. It looks like a car’s speedometer with numbers between 5 and 95. These numbers indicate the percentage fill of your tank.

When a propane company fills an aboveground propane tank, it’s only filled to about 80 percent. This common practice is a safety precaution. Propane expands quite a lot when outdoor temperatures rise, so we need to allow empty space to accommodate the expansion.

How you can avoid propane runouts — for free!

Woodruff Energy offers a no-fee, no-stress way to avoid an unexpected and unwelcome propane runout. It’s called Automatic Delivery. With this service, our team handles all the planning for you. Our state-of-the-art system calculates your propane usage. Then, we deliver more fuel before you run too low. You’ll never need to worry about waiting around for fuel — your place in line will be reserved early.

You don’t use more heating oil when you’re on Automatic Delivery. We deliver your fuel when needed, and you only pay for the heating oil you receive. The only thing you lose in the process is stress!

Follow your fuel levels from your phone.

Some Homestead Comfort customers in southern New Jersey manage propane deliveries for older relatives or income properties. Other homeowners are frequently away from home. These folks have less predictable fuel usage patterns, and they want to monitor their tank levels remotely.

Woodruff Energy offers complete peace of mind with wireless propane tank monitoring! You can track your propane levels in real time using our Woodruff Energy app. The app also alerts you when your propane tank reaches a level you set. You can even order fuel using your phone!

Reach out to the Woodruff Energy team today to begin receiving Automatic Delivery. You can be 100 percent confident that you’ll have the fuel you need whenever you need it.