Mini-Split Systems: An Alternative to Central Air Conditioning

Increase your home’s comfort with mini-split air conditioning

mini split ac

Have you wanted to have air conditioning in your southern New Jersey home? If you have an older home with no ductwork, you might have decided against installing central air conditioning because of the work and expense involved in adding the needed ductwork and making other needed updates to your home.

Woodruff Energy has great news for you. The sweet, cool comfort of air conditioning for your home is within reach as we can do a ductless mini-split installation! Most people install mini-split systems for air conditioning because they have no ducts. But they get an extra bonus because the system can also provide supplemental heat to reduce heating fuel consumption during the mild parts of the heating season.

What’s a mini-split?

It’s not some gymnastics move by Simone Biles. It’s a way for all sorts of homes to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning, no matter what kind of heating system they have.

It works like a regular air conditioner, but there’s no ductwork needed. The mini-splits are installed through the wall. The indoor side blows the warm air in the room over cold evaporator coils and returns cooled air into the room. The outdoor side is where all the heat taken from your indoor air is dumped.

Where do mini-splits work? If your home has radiant heat and not forced-air heat, it likely does not have ductwork. Mini-splits are more easily installed. If you have a finished attic, a garage converted to living space, an addition to your home, a three-season sunroom or any space where your central air conditioning does not reach, mini-splits work in those spaces to increase the comfort of a room.

Another benefit is that you can have zoned cooling. You can eliminate hot spots or cold spots in rooms that never feel as comfortable as the rest of your house. Mini-splits can do that!
Woodruff Energy’s experienced technicians can install and maintain your mini-splits, and we can help you with financing and any available rebates.

It’s time to enjoy a cool home with a ductless mini-split installation from Woodruff Energy. Contact us today to get started!