HVAC Rebates and Financing for Southern New Jersey

Woodruff Energy helps you save money on the HVAC products and service you need

rebates and financing

We get it. Buying and installing HVAC equipment in your South Jersey home is a big investment, and can take a big bite out of your wallet.

That’s why Woodruff Energy works hard to make sure you get the best possible HVAC equipment for your home that also works with your budget. And we go a few steps further by helping you with financing and making sure you get any rebates through manufacturers’ or incentive programs you are entitled to.

Woodruff Energy partners with Redbrick Financial to provide financing options when you want to spread out payments for your HVAC equipment.

We are a participating contractor with South Jersey Gas, which offers zero-percent financing and incentives such as natural gas rebates for when you upgrade your heating or water heating system to a qualifying high-efficiency model.

We are proud to offer Redbrick Financial as a financing option to our customers looking for a way to spread out payments for purchasing heating or cooling equipment more affordably.

From Mantua Township to Mannington Township, Glassboro to Greenwich, Woodruff Energy is committed to making sure you get the financing and rebates you deserve. Contact us today to find out more!