Commercial Natural Gas

llc snipWhether you chose the flexibility of index-based pricing, the control of a fixed price contract or the convenience of NYMEX-based pricing, Woodruff Energy will provide natural gas service that meets the budget parameters your business requires.

With delivery of Natural Gas, Woodruff Energy can provide your business with the perfect solution to suit your energy needs. With a history of flawless customer service and unparalleled industry knowledge, Woodruff Energy provides an array of flexible natural gas product choices.

NYMEX image-LargeWoodruff Energy provides natural gas service throughout the state of New Jersey and have recently expanded our service reach to New York.


Having spent over 14 years in the Energy business, the natural gas team at Woodruff Energy can certainly understand the impact that high costs for energy can have on a company’s bottom line. From budget destruction and higher operating expenses to lower overall profitability, escalating energy costs are challenging for a business to pass on and at best, difficult to consistently absorb year after year.

Our proactive approach to managing your commercial natural gas account allows your price targets to be closely tracked and adjusted as market conditions dictate. We can then evaluate buying opportunities on an ongoing basis and project real time natural gas price costs along with the most attractive contract length.

As you know, Natural Gas is a traded commodity, and as such, it is subject to market fluctuations that are becoming increasingly more severe in nature. In addition, the non-fundamental, market movers are more and more difficult to identify because so many natural gas trades are executed by non-traditional players as opposed to the once dominate Industrial End Users. Further confusion regarding price direction arises from the emergence of international markets and increased competition for LNG, which imports grow each year. Woodruff Energy can help you through this maze as you construct your energy budget, and our timely information may help you to make a buying decision at an opportunistic time.

We believe that ultimately, information is the key ingredient that can arm you against the difficult landscape of natural gas procurement on a consistent basis. We are ready to put our experience and dedication to work for you!

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