Never Run Out of Heating Oil With This Service

The advantages to automatic delivery of your heating oil

automatic delivery new jerseyDon’t get caught in the cold because you’ve let your heating oil run out. Let the professionals at Woodruff Energy take care of all your heating oil concerns. We’re a full-service heating oil provider in South Jersey. In addition to delivering heating oil, we install and maintain heating oil tanks. We can also repair your home’s heating oil system if things go wrong.

Getting your heating oil delivered

At Woodruff Energy, our customers can choose to be a will-call or automatic delivery customer. As a will-call customer, you keep a close eye on you heating oil tank’s gauge and contact us to schedule a heating oil delivery before your tank’s levels get too low. If you do start to run out, we provide round-the-clock emergency heating oil delivery. But why risk having it come to that? Consider the peace of mind you can have in your Southern Jersey home with automatic delivery.

The benefits of automatic delivery

If you become an automatic delivery customer at Woodruff Energy, you’ll never have to worry about managing your heating oil supply. We’ll do all the work for you. We’ll use your past heating oil usage patterns as well as the current weather conditions to determine your delivery schedule and ensure that you never run low.

Avoid running out of heating oil

No matter what season it is, you never want to run out of heating oil. First, it’s a huge inconvenience. You’ll have to deal with a cold house and no hot water until your next delivery. Letting your tank run down to empty can also cause debris to clog your oil filters. That can reduce the efficiency of your heating system and eventually cause it to fail.

There are additional concerns: Your HVAC equipment can be damaged if any sediment or impurity gets pulled into the feed line. Finally, water can collect in an empty heating oil tank. Water in your tank often leads to rust in your tank, and that can also cause your heating system to fail.

It’s important that your oil tank never gets down to empty. But you don’t have to spend any time or energy checking or worrying about low supplies in your tank. Leave it to us as Woodruff Energy.

When you choose Woodruff Energy, you’re choosing experience. We’ve been delivering fuel oil since 1931. That makes us one of the first providers in Jersey’s greater Bridgeton area. We’re proud of our long history of meeting our customer’s heating oil needs.

If you make Woodruff Energy your heating oil provider, you’ll enjoy dependable delivery and stellar service. Contact us today to become a customer or learn more about our automatic delivery option. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family!