The Price of Propane Is Still on the Rise

We’re in this together

propane price increase new jerseyIn October, we addressed the rise in propane prices and how that would affect your energy bills. Unfortunately, the trend is continuing. Energy prices continue to increase across the board. And everyone is feeling the pinch of it. We know you are, and we are as well.

These are unusual times, and it’s hard to make predictions. But one thing you can count on is that Woodruff Energy remains committed to providing our southern New Jersey customers with the best products and services. There is a lot we can’t control, but we will always stay true to our values of fair pricing, outstanding service, and commitment to the community.

You can trust us because we’re tested and true. Woodruff Energy has been serving South Jersey for over 150 years. That’s five generations! In that time, we’ve endured a lot: war, The Great Depression, and now another pandemic. And through all those hardships we continued to deliver for our customers just as we pledge to deliver for you now.

Prices are surging universally

Propane isn’t the only resource seeing a rise in prices. The per gallon cost of gasoline has gone up by more than a dollar since this time last year. If you drove to visit family this past Thanksgiving, you felt that increase at the pump. And you’ll feel it again if you’re hitting the road for the winter holidays. Natural gas prices have increased by over 150%. Crude oil prices have also reached a seven-year high. The cost of electricity has also gone up because of our power grid’s reliance on gas-fired power plants. Which brings us to propane. The cost of propane has reached a seven-year high.

We’re in this with you

When prices surge like this, it hurts everyone’s budget and bottom line—including ours. We see our profits decrease with each increase in cost. Our customers have an increasingly difficult time paying their bills. Our costs go up, but our revenue doesn’t rise to match it. As a result, we have to utilize our lines of credit more and more.

We won’t leave you out in the cold

No matter what, Woodruff Energy is committed to delivering for you. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take advantage of our flexible payment options. Our Budget Plan lets you spread out your propane costs into twelve equal payments, so your budget is not hit as hard during the winter months. Also, if you sign up for automatic delivery, you can save five cents per gallon as long as you pay your bill in full within ten days of delivery.

Woodruff Energy is the propane delivery service you can trust. We offer our southern New Jersey customers dependable delivery and stellar service. We also offer flexible payment options to accommodate your budget.

Contact us today to become a customer or learn more about how we can work with your budget.