Propane Is Part of America’s Energy Solution

Propane is a Versatile, Valuable Choice for Sustainable Home Heating

home heating options new jerseyThese days, America’s energy infrastructure can seem vulnerable and unsustainable. We have seen catastrophic electrical grid failures and the global effects of climate change. It’s clear that this country needs better energy solutions.

Unfortunately, one short-sighted and unworkable option currently dominates the conversation: full electrification. Many state and local governments, including here in New Jersey, are pushing for all homes to be heated and powered solely by electricity. While electricity might not produce emissions in the home, it requires power plants that use incredibly unsustainable sources like coal and natural gas.
Proponents of full electrification often fail to acknowledge the valuable, versatile role of propane in America’s energy solution.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Propane

Propane isn’t always mentioned as a green energy option, but it should be. Propane is a valuable resource. It can save New Jersey homes lots of money while government agencies work to make the electric grid more reliant on sustainable power like wind and solar.

Some of propane’s benefits are:

  • Sustainability – Propane is not a greenhouse gas. In fact, it produces almost zero emissions and has been classified as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy. Today, researchers are working towards fully renewable propane that is molecularly identical but made with animal oils, plant oils, biomass, and other triglycerides.
  • Efficiency – Homes that use propane for heating and appliances often have a smaller carbon footprint. That’s because propane works more efficiently than electricity. Propane water heaters and clothes dryers work faster than their electric counterparts.
  • Reliability – When your home heating is powered by propane, you control your energy supply. You aren’t relying on an overtaxed electric utility’s grid to keep your family warm and safe.
  • Affordability – Propane is one of the most cost-effective options for warming your home, heating your water, and keeping your appliances running.

As you can see, propane is an easier, cheaper, and more eco-friendly energy source than many realize.

Converting Your Home to Propane Power

It can cost $20,000 to convert your home to electric heating. Converting to propane heating is generally much more affordable.

Woodruff Energy has been heating homes in South Jersey homes for 150 years. We would love to share our experience and know-how with you. Our expert technicians can take you through the particulars of converting to propane and tailor a plan to your home and family’s particular needs.

If you choose to move forward, you’ll have a trustworthy energy partner with you. Woodruff can handle installation, service, and propane delivery. We may even be able to help secure rebates for your conversion.

Are you interested in getting the most out of propane in New Jersey? Contact us today, and we can help!