Propane or Heating Oil – Why Not Both?

can I get both propane and heating oil southern new jersey

Heating oil is a great way to heat your South Jersey home – it provides more BTU bang for the buck than any other fuel, and today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (USLSHO) varieties are more eco-friendly than ever.

But a house is a big space to heat, and there are times when even the best oil-fired heating equipment can’t keep pace with the heating load you’re challenging it with. The result? You might have a problem room that you avoid using because it never gets warm enough – or an addition to your home that just isn’t quite as comfortable as the rest of the house during the cold winter months.

You might think that the only realistic option in scenarios like this is to install a larger furnace or boiler, and in fact, that might be the case. But there’s another possibility to consider: adding supplemental high-efficiency propane space heaters to take some of the load off your primary oil-fired heating system.

Today’s propane space heaters and mini-split heating/AC systems offer a great way to deliver targeted heating (and cooling) to a section of your New Jersey home. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, they provide a high-efficiency solution for drafty rooms, workspaces, basements, or anywhere else in need of a heating boost. Rather than turning up the thermostat and paying to heat your whole home, you simply adjust the thermostat locally via the space heater within the problematic room or space. Makes sense, no?

Could a mini-split solution be right for your South Jersey home? Let’s talk about it – and if you already own a propane space heater in addition to your oil-fired furnace or boiler, why not make Woodruff Energy your dual fuel provider for propane and heating oil deliveries. Contact us today to learn more.