Tired of Checking Your Propane Tank Levels?

Tired of Checking Your Propane Tank Levels?

Tank Monitors Offer Accurate Fuel Tracking So You Never Run Out

propane monitor new jerseyHow many times this winter did you trek out to your home’s propane tank to check your gauge?

Even if you don’t know the exact number, there’s a good chance you can recall a snowy southern New Jersey morning when you had to strap on your boots and make sure you had enough fuel to ride out the storm. You might have even had the unpleasant realization that you needed to arrange an emergency delivery for a near-empty tank.

What if we told you that Woodruff Energy could make this aggravating process a thing of the past?

We Can Do Your Fuel Tracking for You

You need an ample supply of propane for heating, hot water, clothes drying, cooking and outdoor living. Propane is an incredibly versatile fuel, but that means that run-outs can put much of your daily life on hold.

That’s why most of our customers choose to take advantage of our Automatic Delivery option. It allows us to shoulder the burden of planning your next delivery. Woodruff Energy can estimate your fuel levels based on past usage and current weather conditions. Then we schedule a delivery before your tank gets too low.

Customers love Automatic Delivery, but there’s an even more precise way to track your propane levels, and it gives you more control.

Invest in Tank Monitoring Today

With one of our propane tank monitors, you will have optimal control and peace of mind.

This monitor attaches directly to your aboveground tank and measures propane levels in real-time. It transmits this data via Wi-Fi. You can track your fuel levels on our personalized smartphone app. The app even alerts you when your propane falls below your preset level!

And it gets even better. You can share access to the application and request propane deliveries through it.

And you can access all this information from the comfort of your home! No more schlepping to the tank gauge at all hours.

For 150 years, Woodruff Energy has delivered fuel and peace of mind to families across Central New Jersey. If you need a home heating, cooling and plumbing partner you can trust, become a customer today!