Propane Service in Southern New Jersey

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propane service in south jersey

Propane can do so much to enhance the quality of life in your home and improve your South Jersey business.

Its reliability and versatility are two reasons propane is such an excellent choice for your home or business. And it offers many benefits.

Propane is clean-burning. Propane is listed as a clean fuel under the 1990 Clean Air Act. It has much fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other energy sources. And, in the event of a leak, it won’t harm the soil, air or water.

Propane is an all-American energy source. Ninety percent of America’s propane supply is generated right here in the United States.

Propane is financially smart. Heating with propane is more energy-efficient, which can translate into lower energy bills. Also, propane appliances are around 50 percent less expensive to operate than their electric counterparts.

Woodruff Energy brings the experience and skills developed over 150 years in business to provide you with the propane delivery and services you need with professionalism and reliability.

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Propane for home use

Comfort and efficiency are what propane brings to your southern New Jersey home.

  • Propane heating averages more than 90 percent efficiency, and it provides even, comfortable heat.
  • Propane domestic hot water heaters use less energy and cost less to operate than electric domestic hot water heaters.
  • Using propane for cooking lets you cook like a chef, with precise, even and instant temperature control that electric stoves just can’t deliver.
  • Make laundry day easier with a propane clothes dryer that dries faster than electric, is more energy-efficient, and produces fewer wrinkles.
  • A propane fireplace lets you have all the cozy warmth of a fire without having to deal with firewood, smoke and ashes.
  • Propane can do much more outside than run your BBQ grill. It can power your pool heater, create a comfy, worry-free fire pit, keep summer going with patio heaters and more!
  • Keep the power on in the worst New Jersey weather with a propane generator.

Propane for business use

Your southern New Jersey business can use propane in all sorts of ways.

Propane is a workhorse in restaurants and other commercial and institutional kitchens. It also runs generators that keep the lights on and your equipment protected.

In farming, propane can heat barns and run the equipment. It can power fleet vehicles with lower maintenance costs and fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. Propane-powered forklifts can move materials both indoors and out. And propane commercial mowers can keep lawns and golf courses trimmed with fewer emissions.

Propane services from Woodruff Energy

Woodruff Energy is your full-service propane company. Here’s some of what we offer:

Count on Woodruff Energy to be your dependable propane provider. Become a customer today!