Convert to Propane

Woodruff Energy can help you make the change!

Are you reassessing your home heating and energy needs and considering converting to propane? As a dual fuel provider, and one that also installs and services both oil and gas heating equipment and appliances, the professionals at Woodruff Energy are uniquely qualified to help you.

convert to propane

We would be glad to discuss the ins and outs of converting your home from heating oil to propane and can answer your questions about it. With 150 years in business, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to walk you through the process.

Whatever you decide when it comes to converting to propane, we want to be your propane or heating oil provider. We are committed to giving you an honest, objective, fact-driven analysis of your home and your family’s needs to help you decide whether converting to propane or remaining with heating oil is the right decision.

Here are some factors we’ll take into account:

  • your home’s size
  • the condition of your existing heating system
  • the efficiency of oil vs. propane systems
  • your family’s heating and energy needs
  • any possible incentives or rebates that come with making the switch from oil to propane
  • how much making the switch would cost: Everything from the installation of the new propane heating system, safe removal of your oil heating system, installation of propane lines, propane tank installation, switching other appliances to propane, maintenance, fuel costs, and efficiency

If you do convert your home from heating oil to propane, we can also help you when it comes to converting your home’s existing appliances to propane, or helping you choose new propane appliances.

If you’re ready to talk about converting your home to propane from heating oil, we’re ready to help you with the switch. Contact the professionals at Woodruff Energy today and we’ll set up a free consultation for you!