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Are you looking for seasoned professionals for your home’s air conditioning installation? Woodruff Energy is there for you.

Woodruff Energy serves the communities in and surrounding Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, and Atlantic Counties. We understand how essential it is to have a smooth, efficient, well-functioning AC system. When it comes to air conditioning installation, our team of highly-trained professionals will ensure that you receive only the best in quality service.

Since 1869, Woodruff Energy has been proud to serve our local NJ community. With five generations of expertise, you know you’re in good hands.

About Air Conditioning Installation with Woodruff Energy

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If your home requires a new air conditioning installation, you can easily schedule an appointment for one of our team members to visit your home. Each one of our technicians is fully qualified and state certified for AC installation. Upon arriving at your home, our expert technician will attend to your needs and concerns with old-fashioned courtesy informed by generations of family-oriented business values, along with the latest technology.

The technician will then perform a thorough examination of your home. Utilizing their in-depth knowledge of HVAC installation, the technician will be able to determine not only where in the house an air conditioning installation would work. They will also be able to advise you on what size AC unit will be ideal for your home, which models and makes they recommend, and how best to care for and maintain the upkeep of your new AC unit. All installations that we perform are done with the highest standards and attention to detail.

In addition, Woodruff Energy offers repair services for AC units. There are many reasons why a particular AC system may be having problems.

  • Faulty wiring. Bad wiring in an AC unit can cause issues ranging from lack of power to tripped circuit breakers and even house fires.
  • Frozen coil. Frozen coils can be caused by a lack of airflow, whether from uncleaned air filters, obstructions in the return air ductwork, and sometimes by low refrigerant.
  • Low refrigerant. Refrigerant, also often known as Freon, is the chemical substance that cools off the air flowing out from your AC system. If your unit’s refrigerant is low, this could signal a leak or some other problem with the refrigerant system. However, simple leaks tend to be the most common culprit for low refrigerant problems.
  • Outside fan non-functional. The outside fan is responsible for funneling the warm air inside your house to the outside, while your home is simultaneously filled with the freon-cooled air. If the outdoor fan breaks down, it can cause your AC to work extra hard and possibly overload.

To top it all off, our team at Woodruff Energy designs and fabricates sheet metal elements and ductwork in our shop. Because we make our own ductwork from scratch, we help save you time and money.

Aside from our air conditioning installation services, we also offer a multitude of other types of services including:


At Woodruff Energy, we are dedicated to bringing you fresh ideas and energy efficiency.

Woodruff Energy proudly serves the communities in and nearby Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, and Atlantic Counties. Are you interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact us by giving us a call today at (856) 455-1111.

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