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furnace tune up cumberland countyWoodruff Energy proudly serves the Tri-County area with high-quality heating and air conditioning products and services.

When you make the decision to go with a new furnace or boiler system, it is essential to have a seasoned team of professionals that can help you choose equipment that you can rely on for years to come. With us, you’ll be in good hands.

Woodruff Energy provides an array of options for heating installations for the communities in and surrounding Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, and Atlantic Counties, helping to keep you comfortable with every change of season. Your choice of a propane, natural gas, or fuel oil systems is backed by an expert service department that is trained to maintain your equipment to operate at peak efficiency.

Additionally, we offer the TankSure Program to provide additional insurance for your home’s fuel tank. You can rely on our specialists in every area of service to identify and resolve any problems with your heating system while they are still small and simple to correct.

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil fired heating systems generally come in two types: water-based and warm-air based. Water-based oil-fired systems further subdivide into hot water systems and steam systems. In the former, water that is heated in a boiler is circulated throughout the home through baseboards or radiators. In steam-based systems, the water evaporates into steam and rises to the radiators through a series of pipes.

In warm-air systems, the air is heated by a furnace and is blown through a network of ducts and registers, ultimately emerging from vents in the walls and floors and heating up the air. The cycle is repeated as the air returns to the furnace through the return ducts.

Natural Gas

Woodruff Energy also performs heating installation and tune-ups for natural gas systems for commercial and residential buildings.

The heat produced by gas typically feels warmer than that produced by electric units and is therefore often preferred by commercial enterprises. This heat is derived from forced-air systems with temperatures that range from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making it at least 25 degrees warmer than the average electric system.

The most common systems that use this type of gas are forced-air central heating systems that use gas burners. As cool air is drawn into the heating system, it’s moved into a heat exchanger where it is heated by a gas burner and then circulated through the building’s ductwork by a fan or blower.


One of the most reliable and versatile types for home heating, propane is clean burning, highly efficient, and even good for the American economy, as 88% of the U.S. supply is produced domestically.


Aside from heating homes and businesses, we also offer a range of other services including:

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Woodruff Energy proudly serves the communities in and near Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, and Atlantic Counties.

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