Ditch The Charcoal – Grill With Propane!

Ditch The Charcoal – Grill With Propane!

grill options new jerseyThere’s nothing like a flame-broiled meal on a summer day…but starting and maintaining a charcoal grill can be a drag, especially when he needs to feed a hungry family quickly.

Sure, charcoal grills are great if you plan to cook long and slow – but if most of your grilling is about burgers, hot dogs, and chicken, they can be pretty inconvenient. The good news is that by switching to a propane-fired grill, you’ll avoid the annoyances of charcoal will still getting that delicious flame-broiled taste.

Why Are Gas Grills Better?

Upgrade to a propane outdoor grill and you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater convenience – A propane grill lights instantly and reaches cooking temperature quickly, with no lighter fluid mess or ash and briquette clean up.
  • Healthier food – Briquettes are covered with lighter fluid and other noxious chemicals that can find their way you’re your food.
  • Temperature perfection – With a propane grill, you can control cooking temperatures to within a few degrees – a big reason why most professional chefs choose to cook with gas.
  • A greener experience – Not only does propane burn cleaner and create fewer harmful emissions than charcoal, but drippings from your food are more likely to flare-up on a charcoal grille and release smog-creating chemicals.
  • Better taste – Using quality ingredients in your meats, veggies and marinades is the key to making good tasting food on any kind of grill. But food tastes better when it’s cooked right – and cooking it right is about having control over the cooking environment. That control is much easier with a propane grill than it is with a charcoal barbecue.

Reliable Propane Delivery In Southern NJ

With propane gas, the outdoor fun doesn’t end at the grill. Swim on cool mornings and evenings (and later in the year) with a propane pool heater, or take the edge off a chilly evening with a propane fire pit or patio heater.

Just be sure you have enough propane to keep the outdoor party going all spring and summer long!

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