Tank Monitoring App from Woodruff Energy

Get your tank levels any time!

Whether you use heating oil or propane (or both!) from Woodruff Energy in your southern New Jersey home, knowing how much fuel you have is critical to keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that!

Woodruff Energy’s new tank monitoring app tracks the tank levels for your heating oil or propane tanks in real time via a wireless tank monitor. The tank monitor can be installed on most propane tanks and most standard sized oil tanks.

Woodruff Energy’s tank monitor and app lets you know anytime, anywhere, how much heating oil or propane you have. The App also notifies you when it’s time to contact Woodruff Energy to schedule a delivery of heating oil or propane. You can even request a delivery right from the app!

And that’s just the beginning of what our app can do!

This app is customizable to fit your needs, concerns and comfort zone. That means you decide what the tank level should reach for you to get a notification.

Whether you chose Automatic Delivery or Will Call delivery, this is the app for you. If there’s bad weather coming and you want to ensure you have enough fuel to get through, you can check your tank levels and decide whether or not to schedule a delivery.

The app lets you track your usage history, so you know if your equipment is using more heating oil or propane than usual.

You can share access to your tank data with other users. Both you and your spouse can track your tank levels. And if you have an elderly parent who needs assistance with managing their household, you can make sure they always have the heating oil or propane they need.

Like the idea of knowing how much fuel you have for your home? Contact Woodruff Energy today to learn more about our app!

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