The Benefits of Propane Gas for Agricultural Use

Propane – Fueling Agriculture for Over a Century

Here at Woodruff Energy, we’ve been proudly providing a range of services including oil delivery in Cumberland County, NJ for decades. That being said, American’s have been reaping the benefits of propane gas for agriculture for over 100 years. But what benefits does this type of fuel offer the agricultural industries and the thousands of farms across the USA?

Why do Farms Choose Propane?

Propane offers multiple benefits to farmers. It’s accessible and available across the USA, it stores well, it’s clean, and it keeps engines clean. This means that it can extend the lifespan of expensive farming equipment. Propane is non-toxic, making it a safe alternative that will not offer the risk of polluting farmland, the very land that America’s farmers rely on for their income.

How do Farms Use Propane?

Farms use propane to fuel grain dryers as it is a safe fuel that will not contaminate any of the grain. It also allows on-farm drying, reducing yield losses and allowing flexible harvesting schedules. Propane also provides heating solutions that keep livestock and poultry warm and healthy throughout some of the winter months. As propane produces clean air, it’s a fantastic solution for livestock and horticulture.

Propane is also used to run power generators off-grid, which is great for both backup and independent power. Farmers also benefit from using propane to power forklifts, home appliances, and vehicles. Therefore, this fuel is a great all-rounder for agriculture in the USA.

It’s Cheap and Efficient

Because of the costs of running a farm, propane is preferred as it is relatively stable and domestically produced. There are certain machines used on farms across America that function more efficiently on propane. Therefore, propane helps farmers save money in more ways than one.

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