Avoid A Fuel Run-Out This Fall And Winter

fuel run out new jersey

As busy as our lives are these days, it’s easy to forget to take care of a “little” task like checking the gauge on our heating oil or propane tank.

The problem during the cold weather months here in south Jersey is that you are probably using fuel more quickly than you realize, especially during a cold snap – and without keeping a close eye on your fuel levels, you could easily run out.

If you’ve never experienced a fuel run-out, take it from us: it’s not fun. Not only will your family be uncomfortable, but you will also put your heating equipment at risk for damage and other problems.

In an oil-fired system, for example, dredging up fuel sludge from the bottom of your tank can clog filters and fuel lines, jamming filters and potentially damaging your equipment. The situation isn’t much better with propane: If you run out of gas, your system automatically shuts down and must be professionally restarted and pressure tested – all at your expense.

Preventing Propane Or Heating Oil Run-outs

The bottom line is that a fuel run-out is definitely something you want to avoid. The good news is there are ways to reduce – or even eliminate – the chances of that happening.

Here are three key ways to do that:

  • Watch those gauges – If you’re a will call customer, monitor your fuel gauge regularly, especially during a cold snap; order when your tank is no less than 25 percent full (sooner if it is really cold). Remember: emergency deliveries cost more and immediate service is not always possible. If you want a better option, switch to FREE automatic delivery (see #2 below) and let us keep track of your fuel deliveries for you.
  • Keep us posted – If you’re an automatic delivery customer, be sure to let us know if anything has changed in your home life compared to previous years; our automatic delivery schedule is based on your average past use, taking into account the current weather, so if something has changed that would affect how much fuel you use (say, if you’re planning to leave home for an extended perior, or if someone moved home that wasn’t there in the past), please let us know.
  • Install a tank monitor – If you want absolute assurance that you won’t run out of fuel, sign up for tank monitoring service from Woodruff Energy. We’ll install a simple device in your heating oil tank or propane tank that will let us see exactly how much fuel you have – that way we can schedule your delivery when you need it. No more guesswork or estimates! The coolest part? You’ll be able to view your propane levels, too with our exclusive Woodruff Energy tank monitor app.

What to do if you do run out of fuel

  • Take immediate steps to retain whatever heat you have in your house: close curtains, block under-door drafts, hang blankets over doorways, etc.
  • If you have other ways to heat your space, such as fireplace, propane space heater, or electric heater, use them.
  • NEVER use outdoor equipment (barbecues, outdoor stoves, etc.) indoors – carbon monoxide build up can be extremely dangerous or even deadly.
  • Contact us for an emergency heating oil or propane delivery.

Getting low on heating oil or propane? We’ve got both standing by. Contact us today to become a Woodruff Energy customer and get reliable propane and heating oil deliveries in southern NJ!