Simplify Your Life This Heating Season

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Between COVID-19, an upcoming election, and an… “interesting” (?) back-to-school season, we’ve all got a lot going on these days here in New Jersey – and with all that mental energy being spent just to keep things together, it’s easy to let some details fall through the cracks.

Like paying for your heating oil or propane, for example.

Options For Customers

Fortunately, Woodruff Energy is here to ease at least some of your burden, with FREE services designed to make life a little easier at home this fall and winter. Here are three things you can do right now to simplify your upcoming heating season:

  • Use our online customer portal – Doing business with us has never been easier – just log in to get information about your services, check your account, order fuel, schedule service, and more. Remember to have your account number ready.
  • Sign up for our Budget Plan – Get predictable heating oil and propane bills month after months and avoid unwelcomed surprises in your mailbox with our Budget Plan. We’ll estimate your fuel use based on what you’ve used in the past, then spread that payment over 12 manageable installments with NO financing or management fees. You’ll even save a nickel on every gallon of fuel you buy from us once you enroll!
  • Choose automatic delivery – With automatic delivery, you’ll say goodbye to monitoring your tank levels and having to remember to phone in your fuel order. We’ll keep tabs on your average usage and the current weather to deliver your fuel when you’re at about one-quarter full ­­– in plenty of time to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in your southern NJ home.

Take advantage of convenient, FREE services from Woodruff Energy to make your fall and winter go a little easier. To learn more about heating oil and propane delivery in southern NJ, contact us today.