A New Air Conditioner: How Do I Know If It’s Time?

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Repair or Replace?

Is that what you are wondering about for your home cooling system?

If that’s a question that comes up for you in the coming weeks and months, there are several factors you should consider when making your decision. Here are some general guidelines to consider in the repair vs. replace debate.

Repair your cooling system if:

  • Your system is less than 10 years old and can be repaired without further complications.
  • Your system has minor damage (electrical issues, blocked drain lines, etc.).
  • Repair costs fall below 25% of the cost of a new unit.
  • Your monthly bills have increased by less than 10 percent.
  • Your system has been repaired less than twice over the last 10 years.
  • Your current AC is properly sized for your home.

Consider replacing your cooling system if:

  • Your system is more than 10 years old and relies on toxic, out-of date refrigerants (see below).
  • Damage is more severe (broken motors, blown compressors, damaged condenser coils.
  • Repairs cost more than 25 percent of a new unit.
  • Your monthly bills have increased by more than 10 percent over the previous year.
  • Your cooling system has been repaired more than twice in the last 10 years.
  • Your cooling system is under- or oversized for your home and cooling load.

The Freon Factor

With the Freon (also known as R-22) production ban now in full effect, the type of coolant your air conditioner uses becomes an important consideration in the repair-replace debate.

For one thing, the ban on the R-22 makes it more important than ever to get professional air conditioning service every year. Routine maintenance will keep your central air conditioner running at its best and decrease the likelihood of a costly refrigerant leak.

More importantly, knowing that your current A/C runs on R-22 can tip the scales in favor or replacing old equipment, even if it hasn’t broken down. Why?

  • Eco-friendly R-410A systems have a much smaller carbon footprint.
  • New energy-efficient cooling systems save on energy costs.
  • Most new systems come with substantial warranties.
  • Manufacturer’s specials and other efficiency incentives can save you money on a new air conditioning installation.

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