Woodruff Energy Offering Fixed Propane Pricing and Cap-Pricing

Woodruff Energy is happy to announce that we are presently offering a temporary pre-buy program for propane, aiding customers in acquiring propane at a fixed, predictable price.

This program is voluntary and allows you to purchase large quantities of propane at a pre-established price, with a minimum purchase of 400 gallons per household. Upon your payment, you legally acquire all rights to the volume of propane ordered, which Woodruff Energy will store on your behalf and deliver to you personally.


Cap Pricing and Monthly Payment Plans

In addition to the above, we are also offering a cap-price program that allows our customers to put a cap-limit on what they pay per gallon of propane. If propane prices ever go lower than the cap price you’ve selected, you will receive the lower cost per gallon.

You can even incorporate cap-pricing into a monthly payment plan. Woodruff Energy will calculate your total propane usage, cap the price, divide it evenly over twelve months, and you will pay a single equal payment each month. Like the pre-buy program, the minimum purchase is 400 gallons, along with a $59.95 program sign-up fee.

Energy and fuel costs are continually fluctuating, which is why Woodruff Energy aspires to provide an array of choices and simplified payment plans.


How to Enroll

To enroll in one of our programs, call Woodruff Energy who will help you choose the right program. A contract will be mailed out for you to fill out, sign, and mail it back to us. It’s that simple. Remember to take advantage of these special temporary offers while they last.

For nearly 150 years, Woodruff Energy has served Southern New Jersey by providing world-class service to fuel oil, propane, and natural gas customers. Over time, we have gradually developed our infrastructure and our expertise to deliver propane and natural gas-based solutions to an ever-growing commercial and residential client base, all while maintaining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Questions or concerns? If so, you can always call our office to speak with our customer service representative. If you would like to reach out, contact our team at Woodruff Energy today by giving us a call at (856) 455-1111.

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