Ductwork Leaks Could Be Costing You…

Ductwork leaks can be costly south new jersey

If your energy bills are rising even though the price of heating oil or propane isn’t, the culprit could be hiding in the walls of your New Jersey home. That’s where ductwork leaks and blockages occur, and they could be adding as much s 20 percent to your utility bill!

Where duct leaks occur

Some common locations for duct leaks include:

  • Duct connectors/joints – Constant heating and cooling can cause duct connections to expand and contract; without proper ductwork sealing, these joints will eventually leak.
  • Duct connections with registers and equipment – For similar reasons as above, duct connectors at vents and equipment ends can leak.
  • Ductwork in unconditioned spaces – Ductwork spans in attics, basements, and other unconditioned spaces are particularly susceptible to leaks.
  • Exterior vents – Vents coming into or going out of the home can spill conditioned air into wall cavities or under the floor.

Four signs of a problem with your ductwork

Not sure if you have a problem with your ductwork? Look for these four signs (in addition to higher energy bills mentioned above) that could indicate your ductwork is leaking air. If you want to know for sure, contact us for ductwork testing in southern NJ.

  1. Diminished comfort — Does your indoor air feel stuffy? Are you experiencing uneven heating or cooling in your home? Poor duct connections could be at the heart of the problem.
  2. Poor air quality — Chemical fumes from thinner, pesticides, and other toxic products in your basement or attic could be entering your ductwork through air leaks, them mixing with the air inside your home.
  3. Dangerous backdrafts — Vented appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers and gas furnaces are designed to vent fumes to the outside; ductwork voids could be pulling some of those dangerous fumes back into your home.
  4. More dust in your home — Broken or leaky ductwork can pick up dust particles and distribute them into your home. If your home seems excessively dusty, your ductwork could be to blame.

Not sure if you have a ductwork problem? Contact the ductwork experts at Woodruff Energy for comprehensive ductwork testing. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or inspect your system to see if your ductwork is leaking air.

If there’s a problem, we’ll give you a comprehensive estimate for fixing, sealing, or replacing your ductwork, then get the work done quickly and correctly so you can enjoy a more comfortable, clean, and energy-efficient home.

Need ductwork sealing or ductwork repairs in South Jersey? Trust the ductwork experts at Woodruff Energy. Contact us today to learn more.