Domestic Hot Water Heaters in Southern New Jersey

Woodruff Energy can get you hot water!

hot water heater installation in south jersey

Did you know that the average lifespan of a conventional domestic hot water heater with a tank is between 10 and 12 years? If your domestic hot water heater is around that age, Woodruff Energy can help you upgrade to a top-quality energy-efficient domestic hot water heater.

The professionals in our full-service engineering department will help you find the right size and type domestic hot water heater that fits your home’s square footage and your family’s needs. Because Woodruff Energy is a full-service company, we can manage oil-fired, electric and propane domestic hot water heater installation. And if you need any sheet metal work for ventilation, our in-house shop can design and fabricate exactly what is needed. And, because we don’t outsource our sheet metal work, it will be done faster and at a lower cost.

Our commitment doesn’t stop with installation. To make sure you enjoy all the oil-fired, electric or propane domestic hot water heater benefits, Woodruff Energy also offers maintenance service so your new domestic hot water heater can run efficiently and with a longer lifespan. And if you do need repairs, we’re here for you.

Woodruff Energy service plans can not only make sure your domestic hot water heater is kept in good running order with regular maintenance, it will also help maintain the warranty on your domestic hot water heater.

Have you considered tankless domestic hot water heaters?

If you’re tired of waiting for your conventional tank domestic hot water heater to refill and reheat before you can take your morning shower, tankless domestic hot water heaters are a great solution!

With the right-sized tankless domestic hot water heater, you get endless hot water, on-demand, no waiting. You also can get lower energy bills. And you can save more money as Woodruff Energy can help you with getting a rebate for installing a qualifying tankless domestic hot water heater!

From Woodbury to Woodstown, you can rely on Woodruff Energy for outstanding installation, service and repair for your home or business’s domestic hot water heater. Get in touch and we’ll answer your questions!